He is one of the greatest martial arts masters in the world, founder of UFC, author of The Gracie Diet and son of Hélio Gracie, creator of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

From a young age, he became involved with the world of fighting, disseminating the techniques, methodologies, practice of sports, respect and dedication. In his career, he has created UFC, the largest MMA championship on the planet, where he dedicated his time to organize and publicize the first fights; he also created the famous octagon. In addition, he is also the author of the bestselling book "The Gracie Diet" that has sold thousands of copies worldwide, talking about the eating habits of the Gracie family, considered part of the secret of family success in fighting competitions. Rorion lives in Los Angeles, California, United States.


JKR's challenge was to enhance Rorion's visibility in the digital world so that his teachings could reach out to an increasing number of people. Not only to inform his audience what is happening in Rorion's life, but also to tell the story of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu through photos, videos and stories, and to strengthen the relationship between Rorion and his fans around the world, creating a gigantic channel between fans and the idol. The first thing required was to understand the essence of the celebrity. We had to understand his values, his beliefs and his career plans, all of which were critical to create the Strategic Plan. The plan defined what content would be published and how the campaigns were put into action. At that point, it was essential to look at the truth and the real feelings surrounding Rorion to tell the fans a 100% true story. From there, content editorials were developed, creating the post schedule and defining the primary campaigns that were actioned. It should be noted that Rorion's networks are real, where several posts were and still are made by Rorion himself, including several direct live videos from his house on the west coast of the USA.


The content editorials exist to allow the best content to be utilized by the fan pages. The content performance was then analyzed through the degree of engagement and relevance to the public. The content with more relevance was utilized more often to have the delivery greater and more consistent, while those of lesser relevance were redesigned or even sometimes discontinued. In addition to daily posts, special campaigns were also created, such as a promotion involving the Gracie Jiu-jitsu book or also drawing a special kimono. These campaigns were very successful with the public and generally encouraged a lot of interaction and communication of fans with the principles and values ​​of the Gracie family.


The goal of this strategy was to deliver the best content to the right audience and strengthen the brand through relationship and engagement. The creation of group posts and timelines unified the messaging and connected the brand with the public.


For this case, we used digital campaigns that had the main objective of uniting the brand to the head and the heart of the public. Through creativity and technical knowledge, we developed campaigns that had intense followers' participation, increased the brand's perception, making it more known, recognized and admired.


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